Why namnam?

      The namnam team wanted to offer the market an App that:

      - Gets quick real-world dates
      - Is free to the subscriber for unlimited dates.

      We wanted it to be better than any other dating app out there as a fair reward for putting your trust in us with this very personal side of your lives.

      • We knew we were facing a market that was:

        - Suffering from years of mediocre results.
        - Rife with stories of meetings that crossed safety barriers, and misrepresentation.
        - Overwhelmed by skepticism. Singles all over the country share the disheartening experience of hitting one dating dead-end after another.

        Here’s the thing: most dating apps have not discovered a consistent way to help subscribers build long-term relationships. Paying a monthly fee for inconsistent results makes matters even worse.

        We combined our brainpower, committed ourselves to find a better way to date. Our goal was to figure out what you the subscriber need to draw you to the right person.

        In so doing, we hit on a vital online action: connect people around shared and favorite activities. We looked and looked but couldn’t find even one dating app that does this beyond talking about it. There’s no evidence of it being in the formula to get better consistency at a low price. We believe we are the first to technologically and digitally connect people around shared and favorite activities.

        Our expanded research pinpointed that subscribers prefer to meet new people in their preferred activities – especially if the new people rate the same activities as highly.

        Namnam activity providers include the restaurants you eat at most; health, sport, and dance clubs where you are a member; concerts, art & cultural centers, cinemas and movies that are part and parcel of your lifestyle.

      • The activity commonality functions in six compelling ways:

        1. It provides a comfortable, familiar environment that both subscribers are predisposed toward.

        2. Predisposition connects with compatibility to a great extent by signifying similar likes, hobbies, and sport.

        3. Co-participation in a favored activity is a genuinely great icebreaker.

        4. The chosen events and activities in most cases come with heightened safety features.

        5. Subscribers frequently participate and pay for the selected activities anyway outside of the dating, so this is not a disruptive change in the subscribers’ budgets or schedules.

        6. From the Activity Provider’s viewpoint, two loyal customers pay for its services on every arranged date.

      • So that’s the story behind Namnam. 

        Subscribers can only meet through their favored everyday activities and activity providers, through our designed formula, reward us for the event. In one package we automatically achieve:

        - Superior compatibility from the outset.
        - Faster results with better icebreakers.
        - Familiarity alongside better safety
        -A free namnam Premium subscription 

      Namnam is Different. Namnam is Effective. Namnam is Free.

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