Privacy Policy

      Before use of Namnam get acquainted with these Terms and Conditions. When you are registered in Namnam, you automatically accept these Terms and Conditions.

      1. Use of Namnam

      1.1. Namnam is available to all users (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "you") according to these Terms and Conditions. When you create and/or subscribe for an action in Namnam or otherwise use Namnam, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions. Namnam belongs to 920 Solutions LLC (an identification code 41284164).
      1.3. The user hereby declares that he or she is full-aged (at least 18 years of age) and has legal capacity to adopt the present agreement and to use Namnam according to these Terms and Conditions. Namnam directly warns the User that, using Namnam for creation and/or signing on an action, he or she signs the contract with payment obligations. Besides, the User says that all information which he or she provides for access of Namnam and at its use is reliable, full and exact.
      1.4. Namnam reserves the right to forbid access to Namnam at any time without prior notice.
      1.5. You bear responsibility for that your behavior on Namnam will be expedient and won't do harm or danger to others. If your behavior is unacceptable and/or causes insult or infliction of harm to other persons or can cause damage to the property belonging to other persons, Namnam and/or suppliers of products and/or services can cancel your action. In this case you won't have the right for compensation and/or payment of compensation. Besides, you shall reimburse for expenses to Namnam which Namnam will incur as a result of such termination. Namnam can't bear responsibility for behavior of other people involved in your action.
      1.6. 920 Solutions LLC reserves the right to change or update these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. The current version of Terms and Conditions will be displayed on Namnam from the date of introduction of any changes. Further use of Namnam according to any changes of Terms and Conditions means your acceptance of such changes.
      1.7. In case of questions, wishes, complaints, etc., we ask to address in Namnam by electronic means or to the address: 920 Solutions LLC, 20B Mala Zhytomyrska Str., Kiev, 01001.

      2. Your contract

      2.1. When you create and/or subscribe for an action in Namnam, the contract between you and Namnam is signed. In turn, between you and the supplier of products and/or services the Contract is also signed during the booking of products and/or services of the supplier, and Namnam acts as the Agent between you and the Supplier. Thus, Namnam carries out intermediary activities for sale of products and/or services of the Supplier.
      2.2. Namnam signs the standard contract with the supplier of products and/or services if other conditions aren't provided by the supplier of products and/or services. If you want to get acquainted with conditions of the supplier of products and/or services, you can obtain the relevant information in Namnam. When information on conditions of the supplier of products and/or services is inaccessible, we will provide a contact information of the supplier of products and/or services upon your request so you could contact it.
      2.3. Using Namnam for creation and/or signing on an action, you allow Namnam to act as your representative in process of purchase of products and/or services from the selected supplier and performing payment of such products and/or services on your behalf. You will be informed about the payment sum before you confirm your purchase. You pay only for products and/or services from the selected supplier. Namnam doesn't collect payment from you for the service. When you provide us information on your credit card and/or the debit card for creation and/or signing on an action, you allow Namnam to use these data for purchase of products and/or services on your behalf. When payment is made in such a way by Namnam on your behalf, you immediately receive the corresponding confirmation that is the moment of the contract signing between you and Namnam. In this confirmation all information on your action will be provided. Then we will check that your action has been correctly entered into the Namnam system and that your payment has been correctly processed. Our obligation connected with your action will depend on your payment received by Namnam.
      2.4. Namnam reserves the right to immediately cancel your action in case Namnam have reasonable grounds to believe that this is fraud. In that case either charge won't be brought to you, or your payment will be returned to you. Namnam doesn't bear responsibility for losses under such circumstances. Namnam can (but it shall not) try to contact you or your bank to request additional data which can help Namnam to define whether your card is lawfully used. In that case there is a risk that conditions of an action can be changed, yo will be informed about it. In spite of the fact that Namnam can provide you time that you have provided to Namnam additional information, Namnam reserves the right to cancel an action at any time. Cancellation of an action of suppliers of products and/or services or the notice of fraud can be the cause. Under such circumstances Namnam will try to contact you or your bank to report about cancellation.
      2.5. In case of a mistake at payment, including, among other things: an error of your card (for example, a mistake when passing tests for fraud or a lack of means), the wrong processing of payment by the company, bank or Namnam, –you will be reported about mistake and the action won't be confirmed.

      3. Conditions of actions

      3.1. As it is explained in point 2.1, the contract for the product acquired by you and/or service is concluded between you and Namnam and also between you and the supplier of products and/or services. It means that your ability to cancel or change details of an action will depend on concrete rules of the supplier of products and/or services. Therefore, in some situations won't be possible to cancel or change details of an action or there can be concrete requirements which you should execute. Nevertheless, Namnam, upon your request, will help you to cancel or change action details in that measure in what it is possible. In case of modification of your action, pay attention that any current cost available on Namnam, has no relation to the cost of modification.3.2. Price and payment3.2.1. The total cost of an action will be shown after the choice of all concrete products and/or services which you would like to get. Such cost will include the price of all selected products and/or services established by suppliers of products and/or services. The payment for services of Namnam is not included in the total cost of an action and is not charged from users of Namnam. The payment for services of Namnam is charged from suppliers of products and/or services.3.2.2. Until you make payment in full, you won't be able to receive your products and/or services. Besides, we pay your attention that because of character of products and/or services it is possible that the changes in price will happen between your purchase and effective payment, if something happens you should undertake the cost of the selected products and/or services while you make effective payment.3.2.3. Payments can be made by means of all main debit and credit cards as it is specified on Namnam. Payment methods, other than stated on Namnam, won't be accepted.
      3.2.4. Before purchase of products and/or services you should enter information on your card into Namnam. Pay attention that Namnam shall transfer data of your card to the appropriate supplier of products and/or services for confirmation. Agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, you allow us to do it on your behalf. All information is ciphered on the protected Namnam server. You allow Namnam to use the information on a card provided by you for making of purchase of necessary products and/or services, for processing of any applicable compensations and for a covering of the expenditures connected to canceling or change of details of an action.
      3.2.5. For the purpose of minimizing of consequences of fraud with cards, Namnam reserves the right to carry out selection checks and you will be reported about it. Namnam does not bear responsibility for any expenses incurred as a result of these checks.
      3.3. Returns
      3.3.1 In certain cases, when you can't visit the acquired action, you can apply for return according to conditions of the supplier of products and/or services.
      3.3.2. Return of funds, if it is applicable, will be made on the card used during purchase of products and/or services.
      3.4. Electronic confirmation
      3.4.1. Confirmation of an action which you receive on Namnam is an electronic confirmation. After you have made a purchase, it is stored in electronic form in the Namnam system.
      3.4.2. Pay attention that the supplier of products and/or services can demand from you an electronic bar code and/or the confirmation number which contain in your electronic confirmation as the proof of your purchase.

      4. Privacy policy

      4.1. General provisions
      4.1.1. This Privacy policy establishes an order of receiving, storage, processing, use and disclosure of personal data of Users of Namnam.
      4.1.2. Personal data of Users at registration, automatic placement, receiving and information transfer when carrying out activity on Namnam is received by 920 Solutions LLC which is the owner of Namnam.
      4.1.3. The user gives his/her unambiguous consent with conditions of this Privacy policy and grants to 920 Solutions LLC the right to receive, store, process, use and to open personal user information on the terms of this Privacy policy. Also, the User agrees with transfer of personal data to the supplier of products and/or services with whom Namnam cooperates within the chosen procedure by the User.
      4.1.4. The user bears responsibility for his/her actions made on Namnam and actions of persons which are made on his/her behalf with use of his/her data of personal identification.
      4.1.5. The user recognizes that in case of negligent attitude of the User to safety and protection of his/her personal data and data of authorization, the third parties can get illegal access to the accounting entry and personal and other data. 920 Solutions LLC does not bear liability for damages, caused by such access.
      4.1.6. The user bears responsibility for the content of information which is published by him/her on Namnam. 920 Solutions LLC has the right to exercise control of the information placed by the User and to tell the User, who have placed information of inadequate contents, about such cases.
      4.2. The list of information and personal data which Namnam can gather (information is collected in unprocessed form and is not modified by 920 Solutions LLC in the course of data collection):
      4.2.1. First name, last name, patronymic of the User, User’s login, all attributes of the User, contact phones, e-mail address, address of Facebook and address of Instagram, layout of the User.
      4.2.2. Cookies files to define the browser of the User and to provide the services depending on it.
      4.2.3. The User's IP address for guiding of log of activity.
      4.2.4. Information on behavior of the user on electronic platform, including, in case of placement by the User of harmful and offensive information and information which does not have relations to carrying out activities (in such case the decision on deleting such information may be taken).
      4.2.5. Information on errors of operation of Namnam, user-provided.
      4.3. Purpose of use of information and personal data
      4.3.1. For identification as User a name, a surname, an e-mail address, an address of Facebook, an address of Instagram, a phone number can be used.
      4.3.2. For sending correspondence a name, a surname, a user login, User's attributes, contact phones, an e-mail address, an address of the User location can be displayed.
      4.3.3. Contact information can be used in mailings. The user can always refuse carrying out mailing according to his/her contact information in appropriate section of a private office.
      4.3.4. Information on the User, including personal data, is used for the purpose of support of implementation civil, tax and the relations in the sphere of accounting, execution of contractual obligations, for user identification, for the purpose of rendering of services, processing of payments, sending information, carrying out estimated operations, provision of the reporting, guiding of accounting and management accounting, improving of quality of the rendered services.
      4.4. Conditions of providing access to personal data of Users
      4.4.1. 920 Solutions LLC doesn't transfer personal data of Users to the third parties, except for the cases provided below.
      4.4.2. 920 Solutions LLC guarantees information security about purchases and protection of confidential information against unauthorized access. Protection is provided with impossibility of leak, destruction and blocking of information, violation of integrity and the mode of access to information.
      4.4.3. Confidential information in the User's profile, except a contact information can't be defined. When the User agrees to an action, contact information is automatically transferred to participants of the event.
      4.4.4. The user has no right to apply discrimination approach to various Users and to open to other Users confidential information obtained from the User without his consent.
      4.4.5. Disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or the person authorized by him/her is allowed in the cases determined by the law.
      4.5. Amendment / removal of information
      4.5.1. Users can change / remove personal information in Namnam at any moment. Work of Namnam on rendering of services to the User can be suspended from the moment of change / removal of information of the User.
      4.6. Changes in privacy policy
      4.6.1. 920 Solutions LLC can change Privacy policy conditions by modification of Namnam.
      4.6.2. Users promise periodically look through these conditions to be informed on how 920 Solutions LLC protects information of Users.
      4.6.3. 920 Solutions LLC doesn't bear liability for damages or the losses suffered by the User or the third parties as a result of wrong understanding or misunderstanding of conditions of this Privacy policy.
      4.7. Other conditions
      4.7.1. The user has the rights provided by the Law of Ukraine "About protection of personal data".
      4.7.2. In case any provision of Privacy policy, including any offer, point or their part, is recognized contradicting the law, or invalid, then other provisions, which aren't contradicting the law, remain in force and are valid, and invalid provision, or provision which can't be executed is considered changed, corrected in that measure in what it is necessary for ensuring its reality and a possibility of performance.

      5. Policy of Cookies files

      5.1. Namnam accepts use of Cookies files.
      5.2. Cookies files are messages which Web servers transfer to your web browser when you visit the websites. Your browser stores each message in the small file that will give Namnam information on your last visit of Namnam. The majority of Internet browsers automatically accepts use of cookies files, but you can change your browser to control use of these cookies files.
      5.3. In particular, Namnam uses the following cookies files:
      5.3.1. Analytical Cookies files. You allow Namnam to see how you move through the web site and to write down what you look through and what you are interested in. It helps Namnam to improve its services which Namnam offers you, helping Namnam to be convinced that Users find information which they look for.
      5.3.2. Social Cookies files - are necessary for social networks (Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.). Their function - to control interaction with social widgets on the page.
      5.3.3. Affiliated cookies files. You allow Namnam to monitor visits from other web sites with which Namnam have an affiliated agreement.
      5.3.4. Behavioral and advertizing cookies files - they collect information on your preferences on Namnam. They are aimed at advertizing networks which then use them for show of tuned declarations on other websites.
      5.3.5. Technical Cookies files - they are intended only for use of Namnam.
      5.3.6. Functional Cookies files - are necessary for rendering of services, requested by you in Namnam.
      5.4. You shall know that if Cookies files are not included on your device, your use Namnam can be restricted, and use of services and navigation of Namnam can be complicated.
      5.5 There are several methods of file management of Cookies. Having changed settings of the browser, you can disconnect Cookies files or receive a warning before their acceptance. You can also delete all Cookies files which are stored in the Cookies folder of your browser. Each browser has different procedures of configuration management.

      6. Rights for intellectual property

      6.1. All contents and the software of Namnam belongs to 920 Solutions LLC and is protected by national and international Intellectual property rights.
      6.2. Any unauthorized use of content on Namnam is strictly forbidden, including its full or partial reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition and/or representation.

      7. Liability restriction

      7.1. 920 Solutions LLC offers Namnam and is engaged in its updating, service and functioning, but doesn't give any guarantees concerning technical malfunctions, impeccability of service or the fact that the system or the portal will work at any time.
      7.2. 920 Solutions LLC publishes on Namnam information on products and the services provided by the third parties and can't represent any rights to reliability, accuracy, completeness and updating of the data which are contained in such offers. Information is compared only with information in real time at the time of confirmation of an action.
      7.3. 920 Solutions LLC doesn't bear responsibility for any losses arising directly or indirectly from the contract between you and Namnam or between Namnam on your behalf and suppliers of products and/or services.
      7.4. 920 Solutions LLC doesn't bear responsibility if there are any shortcomings in the products and/or services acquired through Namnam due to force majeur circumstances.
      7.5. Namnam may contain references to other websites which aren't operated by 920 Solutions LLC and are specified only for the reference purposes. 920 Solutions LLC doesn't control these websites and doesn't bear responsibility for their content. You recognize that use of such websites will be carried out at your own risk.