• How it works?

        Here’s a typical example: you like Starbucks for an initial date. It’s low-key, social, lots of people around you. Besides all this, you love their iced lattes with caramel and cranberry scones. Also, you can bring your laptop there and go online to plan new events.

        Choose a Starbucks location near you
        Insert the desired date and time; gender and age of the Nannam User you wish to meet with and who treats (i.e., you want to be treated, you want to treat, or 50/50). Done - an event is created.
        What should happen next? Others subscribe to your event wishing to go with you.
        Choose a subscriber and contact him or her by phone or text to discuss the details.
        From the beginning, instead of throwing it open, you can target attractive Namnam subscribers close to you. Go to the icon “Nearby” on our menu and then suggest Starbucks after determining it features on their profiles (or some other activity if it works better).

      • Should I pay in the app

        There’s no Namnam subscription fee upfront or monthly. This means that connecting with suitable, like-minded subscribers is absolutely free. There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can connect to as long as you stick to the system.

        Once a contact is made, and an activity or event decided on between you and another subscriber (or subscribers), the host of the activity/ event (e.g., the restaurant owner) will want to be paid in the usual way by you, your date, or both (as decided before the appointment was made). This, of course, should seem obvious but we detail it to be precise.

        There are no special discounts or exclusive deals offered by the activity provider UNLESS advertised explicitly on the Namnam site (which does happen from time to time).

        Needless to say, as a favored activity you probably paid for this anyway quite often. The difference here is that you get to participate with company, no longer alone.

      • I see that my favorite events and activities are essential items when using your App. How do I insert these into my profile to make me stand out?

        Be very specific about the restaurants you like to eat at; the genre of movies that float your boat; your taste in music and concerts that are a must-see if and when they come your way; your mainstream hobbies and sporting activities are significant. Clubs you belong to that are aligned with all of the above underline your personality. Remember, you can’t connect with any Namnam subscriber unless channeled through an activity. It’s the only way. But it’s not enough.

        Living nearby is essential in most cases.

        No one will love you without photos, so add at least three. Add your pages onto your Facebook and Instagram so that our subscribers can learn more about you.

      • How do I get a phone number to make contact?

        As soon as you make an activity selection and then an appointment to meet with an incoming subscriber, contact details are displayed.

        In the case of events that require paying for tickets to events (e.g., concerts, movies, etc.,): contacts appear after payment on the agreed basis through the mobile application by subscribers.

      • How to make your profile more interesting?

        We would like to give you some tips to improve your chances of making interesting acquaintances on Namnam:
        no one will fall in love with you without your photos, so add at least 3 photos of yours.
        add your profile on Facebook and Instagram , so NamNam users can view the latest posts and photos of yours and thus learn more about you.
        if you specify what are your passions, interests and hobbies, how do you prefer spending your leisure time, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to, what type of movies do you like to watch, what is your favorite cuisine, etc., you will get more and more interesting offers from other Namnam users.

      • How to offer activity to the partner directly?

        Go to the "Nearby" menu and select a partner for a joint pastime. On the profile of user click "Suggest Activity" and s/he will receive an invitation notification.

      • How you can change name of profile ?

        Change the name in the settings of your Facebook profile or Instagram (depending on the social network through which you signed into the namnam app). The change will be automatically reflected in the NamNam app.

      • How come the premium service is free, whereas there’s a monthly fee for subscription on almost every other site?

        That’s because an activity advisor of your choice is involved in every meeting. You can’t date on Namnam without an event or an activity being selected. Activity providers value the business generated by Namnam and reward us for business passed their way. 

      • What sets you apart from other dating app?

        Well, as stated above, we offer our premium subscription service for free. This means unlimited access to Namnam subscribers as long as you adhere to our system. The big defining difference is that activity providers are at the bottom of every conduit between daters. All subscribers connect through a mutually acceptable activity provider. Every traditional site as we see it truly doesn’t take meeting locations into account.