The App for meeting people in the real world

      Where you meet and what you do there is as important as whom you meet

      The probability of a lasting connection jumps off the charts when two people meet to participate in an activity they both love. 


      Download the App that’s changing the face of Online Dating 

      namnam is the dating app to expand your social circle while participating in the events and activities at the top of your bucket list

      • Never eat alone. Visit your favorite restaurant with a new friend from Namnam or just meet him/her for a coffee.

      • Accompany like-minded companions to movies, concerts, and the theatre.

      • Share the excitement of your health clubs or go-to sports events with others that share the same passion; participate with them in spin classes, squash, jogging, and other aerobic activities.

      Find someone to go to the cinema with

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      namnam provides a desirable and safe dating experience

      Stop looking in all the wrong places. namnam recognizes that personality styling and lifestyle go hand in hand. We prioritize shared activity preference to engage and explore further love possibilities.
      Compatibility is the first big step in any dating process. Shared events strip away the facades that often get in the way of a more profound commitment in a natural way. namnam puts you and your date in the midst of favorite everyday group activities.We take the awkwardness out of connecting for the first time. So, have no fear of invitations to strange places. It won’t happen with us.
      It all adds up to a relaxed, super-safe dating environment full of promise.

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      Create your own Event

      Namnam provides amazing events, activities, and places that align with our active users. Any happening occasion is possible. Start with a romantic dinner and end with a concert, or perhaps a sports activity – find it on the Namnam App. Select an activity and create an event. Once done, followers will subscribe to your suggestions.

      We are much more than just a dating technology. Namnam is ideal for networking. Social interaction is a natural byproduct of what we offer.

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      We get it exactly right to make dating easy for you

      Change dates, move times around, postpone, cancel, and make reservations with just a click on your mobile device. Invite people privately with our “Nearby” menu item. Zone in on the best selections by location, age, sex, and of course the all-important same-activity preferences.

      We’ve thought through even the tiniest details that often cause hiccups in the early stages: For example, we have found that there are female daters who don’t believe in paying 50/50 for an event. They want to meet partners willing to spend the extra dollars to meet the right person (i.e., they expect the male to fund 100% of the activity). We tackle sensitive issues like this head on anticipating it as an issue. If it’s indeed an issue, it’s better to know before you begin, but either way, get it out of the way.

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      Meet offline

      With Namnam you get to know one another without all the dreary formalities of trying to first find out if there is even a trace of commonality. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you merely by bringing daters around joint activities.

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      Once meeting is appointed contacts open

      Call or chat with your buddies before meeting.

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      Getting past Misrepresentation

      Can you imagine going on a date to spend an hour sweating it off on a treadmill? Or sitting through a soccer game where he/she screams his/her head off while spilling popcorn on your lap? Or sitting through a 55-year-old movie called Love Story because she is obsessed with old classics? Or going on a 50-mile bike ride in mountainous terrain? Or eating raw fish in Japanese restaurants? If that’s not your thing, the disconnect will surface in seconds. Our activity-centered dating format builds on commonality, and this has a particular way of disintegrating misrepresentations at the same time. 

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      namnam puts this on a plate for you as a Premium Dating Service for FREE

      With one or two rare exceptions, our active users pay zero fees to have unlimited access to others that are a naturally good match.

      Unlike our competitors, we don’t need a free section to give you a half-baked sample of what you get when you start paying. We make our premium program a no-charge-zone available right away - where our competitors charge $25 per month or more.

      Meet your match

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